Welcome to CoCBuilder TimeStamp (TSA) Server (RFC 3161)

Supported digests: md4, rmd160, sha384, sha512,md5, sha1, sha256 (SHA1 is Default)


$ http://oscp.cocbuilder.su/tsa.php


Create a tsq (TimeStampQuery) file, which contains a hash of the file you want to sign.

$ openssl ts -query -data file.png -no_nonce -sha512 -out file.tsq

Send the TimeStampQuery and receive a tsr (TimeStampRequest) file.

$ curl -H "Content-Type: application/timestamp-query" --data-binary '@file.tsq' http://oscp.cocbuilder.su/tsa.php > file.tsr

With the public Certificates you can verify the TimeStampRequest.

$ openssl ts -verify -in file.tsr -queryfile file.tsq -CAfile cacert.pem -untrusted tsa.crt

Or sign executable files

$ signtool.exe sign /tr http://oscp.cocbuilder.su/tsa.php /f "YOUR_PFX_CERT" Executable.exe